Investment information

Investment information

The Arts Village is an energizing place for artists, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and families who want to arrange their life future-oriented – in self-determination, freedom and independence.

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    The plan

    The Arts Village will offer cosy and beautiful small houses for accommodation and a wide array of activity options such as co-working spaces, courses, workshops, seminars, tourist activities.

    The co-working hub

    The co-working hub enables digital nomads, entrepreneurs and small companies to work in a vibrant and creative environment where they can exchange ideas. People can form new viable connections 


    The co-working hub is situated very close to the main hall. It is equipped with all luxuries every digital nomad needs:

    • High speed internet connection
    • Small cantina with drinks and snacks
    • A lounge area
    • Multiple conference rooms with projectors

    The recreational hall

    The main recreational hall will offer a wide range of different events, all aimed at helping our community to expand their potential.


    • Physical activities like yoga classes
    • Various workshops and seminars on different subjects – an Autarky workshop teaching you how to live efficiently self-sustainably, a Digital Nomad training and many more

    The "Harmony" area

    The “Harmony” area is one of the two areas where our houses for accommodation are situated.

    • Cosy tiny houses with all comforts our guests need
    • Children playground

    The "Vibrant" area

    The “Vibrant” area is one of the two areas in a beautiful natural environment where our houses for accommodation are situated.

    • Cosy tiny houses with all comforts our guests need
    • A growth area with over 10 different kinds of crops for farming

    Why invest in the Arts Villages

    Investing in the Arts Villages offers multiple bonuses for investors.

    Investing early on can grant you returns on your equity. Investment in the operating company can bring immediate income.

    We have already started negotiations for the land, which is soon to be acquired.

    Our team has extensive background in tourism, real estate. We have experts in all areas – from legal, marketing to investor relations and community managers.

    We have thousands of passionate community members who are waiting to participate in the crowdfunding campaign and become our customers once the first Art’s Village becomes a reality.


    Travel and tourism with all of its sub-aspects (recreational, alternative).

    Market size

    Close to $600B growing at a CAGR of ~6%, exceeding the global GDP.

    Target customers

    Entrepreneurs, families, artists, tourists, alternative travelers.

    The first village

    Our first Arts Village prototype is planned to be situated in Casa del Mundo in Tibi, Alicante.

    Stretching across A total of 3 hectares of land including a small forest, its own water and several almond and olive trees, we believe that this little piece of paradise is the perfect location.


    The Arts Village offers a wide range of different activities – sports, workshops and many others.

    Who is the Arts Village for

    The Arts Village is for everyone who wishes to or to simply escape to a corner of paradise from the hassle of the everyday’s life – no matter their age, education or profession. 

    By understanding of the differences and uniqueness of people, we believe that every person has the potential to shine in an extraordinary way.


    The Arts Village is the place where visionaries and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and grow together. The place where companies are founded, companies that correspond to the nature of the founders. The creative environment pushes the evolutionary spirit forward and creates the minds of the future.

    Through the Art’s Village, entrepreneurs get direct access to our partner network consisting of professionals across many industries. 

    We offer the following:

    • A fully equipped co-working hub
    • Seminar rooms
    • A bar with snacks and drinks



    The Arts Village is the perfect place to get inspired for your work – whether you are a painter, musician or practicing any other type of art, we want you to find new inspirations here.

    We offer the following:

    • A creative environment
    • Various workshops and seminars
    • Direct contact to other artists


    The Arts Village creates spaces where families can stay, bond learn, love, laugh and live together. 

    We offer the following:

    • Many activities for families
    • Learning workshops for adults and children alike


    Expand your social and professional circle

    The Arts Village gives you access to our partner network of companies, coaches, healers, farmers and many others, allowing you to explore new possibilities.

    Our progress

    Stage 1
    Progress 50%
    Stage 2
    Progress 0%

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