Our prototype – Casa del Art

Tibi, Alicante (Spain).

As fate would have it, our search for suitable locations for our oases led us to this wonderful place in Spain:

Casa del Mundo in Tibi, Alicante.

Not only that it is a very enchanting piece of earth where we are now. Also the people who have been working here for several years are something special. They have given the “House of the World” a very special charm and used the magic of the place. They are now happy to pass on their energy to us and are happy that the place is now the first home for Art and all companions who want to undertake their lives.
We are very happy that we can start at this place and furnish Arts living room. The energies that flow play a big role in our project and here we have found the right one.
Here are a few impressions of the wonderful place that we are now redesigning and redesigning with care and attention.
It is possible to visit us during our construction work and experience the beginning of the journey directly.
We have the pleasure to get special conditions for short but also longer stays from now on.

A booking request and further information can be found at www.casadelmundo.nl or by contacting us via email at info@artsvillages.com.