Arts Villages

Havens for life entrepreneurs.

New places where we can be as we really want to be.

“Every dreamer knows that it is perfectly possible to be homesick for a place you have never been to before; probably even stronger than for familiar ground.“
Judith Thurman

To live according to your nature means to be in harmony with yourself and your environment. To be allowed to take your life into your own hands, to make self-determined decisions and to follow your own talents and inclinations.
Oases bring light into the darkness, color into uniformity and flow into the wasteland of today’s foreign-determined and unfree world.

In our new places, the Arts Villages, we welcome life artists and life entrepreneurs, freelance artists and free thinkers, digital and analog nomads and all those who want to experience their core essence.
We redefine living together, living, working, growing up, caring, playing and also arguing and allow to love and heal our inner children.

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The idea.

We are developing a network of places where extraordinary things are created and like-minded people can connect.
These places attract people who don’t want to be deprived of a free and self-determined life and who want to get out of the gang and socialization that makes them uniform followers.
Entrepreneurial activity, mutual support, strengthening of family ties and all this with the greatest possible personal freedom – the counter-concept to today’s life, especially that of the classic city dweller.
Making sense, for oneself and others, that’s what it’s all about. Restricting to the essential without feeling restricted.
Connecting, in an adult way and with childlike devotion, with the freedom that we all need.
Places will be created where families can find a place to stay, as a home or a temporary home.
Where companies are founded, companies that correspond to the nature of the founders.
In which people can live according to their nature. And to find out at all, what their nature wants, what their life meaning and soul plan is.

Heavens for fairness of being.

Fairness of being means that people can shape and develop the talents they have been given. Every person has the potential to shine in an extraordinary way. This is possible if people are allowed to live out their talents and idiosyncrasies from a very young age and thus mature into a strong personality.
Today’s society is more and more steering towards human uniformity. Anonymous structures should provide leadership and security. However, this does not happen, most people are deeply insecure and frightened, even if only few admit it to themselves.
The macrocosm of the planet is the mirror of each individual. We are governed, and governing is fear. Fear of freedom, of creativity, of loss of power. But nevertheless probably necessary, as long as every single human being is guided by fear.
Our freedom is reduced, especially the freedom to think and act self-determined. Our opinion is suppressed. We are supposed to adhere to lines that conform to society, and those who do not do so are not too seldom deprived of their opinion.
The abnormal becomes normality.
The good is suppressed, evil rules. Real love, deep empathy – a failure.
The world is on the brink of collapse. Financially and emotionally. And it is turned by 180 degrees. We have to keep turning it.
Essential oases mean freedom, but freedom in the connection. Understanding of the differences and uniqueness of people. They mean a starting point to experience one’s own core, one’s own being, in the middle of a world that does not – yet – allow this.

Places of the future.

For us, looking into the future is essential for acting now. Every person needs a horizon to which he can move towards. His very own, individual horizon.
Our vision of living together in the future is a playing field full of possibilities, innovation and fun. People must have fun. Children have fun, but quite quickly they lose their lightness to support a system that usually excludes fun.
In these places living therefore means playing.
We develop places of the future, in the form of organically growing villages. The inhabitants share the same values and live together on an equal footing. Being an entrepreneur is the rule, not the exception.
The future always develops from the past and present. Therefore we combine meaningful innovation and technical achievements with thoughtful tradition and harmony with nature.
Technical progress is good because it can simplify daily life. But it must not become an end in itself.
And technology must not lie in centrally located power. No one needs a chip in their hand to be able to shop faster.

Meeting place for talents.

In these places, life means the realization of talents. Each of us can develop our own talents to an inner mastery, and thus contribute our unique share to the community.
In these places, talents of all kinds are encouraged – to achieve true justice of essence.
To let the unique talent we are all endowed with shine, literally bringing light into this world dominated by darkness – that’s what this will be all about.
People must regain their inner strength so that others are not seen as a threat. To do so, they must be allowed to truly live their talents.

Connection with like-minded people.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of living in the middle of a big city, vast numbers of people present every second, and yet the loneliness is omnipresent. Even neighbors do not know each other anymore. In the streets, either lowered heads avoiding eye contact or empty looks in stressed faces.
We feel lonely because we are not among like-minded people. Among people who share the same values. Because we have all become such strangers when we are close by. Sure, two people will never agree on everything, but there can be common basic values.
In the Village, people will meet who will feel they have known each other for a long time. Related souls will meet each other.

Harmony of the generations.

In the past it was almost frowned upon to spend too much time together with one’s own parents, even living in the same house. Times have changed. The respect for our elders is returning. People are gradually realizing the value of enabling their own parents to age with dignity and to be part of it. “Mama’s boy” is a thing of the past, today it is called family care.
Therefore, part of the concept is also to enable multi-generational living, which integrates the elderly. Playing children, but grandparents living in harmony, it is possible and will give a completely new view on the coexistence of the generations.

Return to nature.

The Villages are situated in a rural area, surrounded by nature, but with very good accessibility and infrastructure.
The rural, regional aspect is essential for the whole project.
The world of the cities has been too much transformed into a centralized and at the same time anonymous zone.
The lack of space in cities and the permanent hustle and bustle there destroy the empathy of the people. They encourage irresponsible action.
Less can really be more. Less contact, but more intensive. Less concrete, but more green. Less noise, but meaningful conversations.

Agile people. People on the move.

The places will unite modern nomads – what can one understand by that?
First of all, one has to understand that man has almost always been a nomad. Settlement is a rather new concept in the history of mankind, and as it looks, not a successful one.
People push for change and movement.
But nowadays this happens with a simultaneous desire for connection and the familiar. Therefore the Villages mean quasi a “mark of security for free thinkers”, a safe haven for humans (families, entrepreneurs) in movement.

Places of healing. Places for healers.

Healing. A big word. Cure of what? And for what?
Well, first of all, we actually have to heal ourselves from the current form of society. As we have already described, the world is twisted. Even a health system is actually a disease system.
Then we have to continuously heal ourselves from our childhood injuries.
In these places, people will come together who can heal each other. Each one with their own wonderful, learned talents.

Protection against a collapsing system.

The places of community not only serve as an emotional safeguard against a cooler world, interpersonal and real. Through the planned structure with self-sufficient supply and joint ownership of land and equipment, they also offer a safeguard against the potential dangers of a financial crash and an interruption of the food chain.

The entrepreneurial workshops.

We undertake our life. Above all, this means that we support an atmosphere in which people can pursue their talents and project ideas.
Independence is the normal approach to life for us, no exception. We bid farewell to the externally determined grey(es) of 9-to-5 and welcome the timeless living out of talents!

A meeting place for people who want to do something with their lives.
Here innovative, agile, positive companies are conceived, built and made successful. Companies that fit the nature of the founders – exclusively.
This is not about a quick exit, but about bringing together ideas and founder personalities.
Being a life entrepreneur means above all to be and remain entrepreneurial, agile and flexible. For us, independence is not an exception, but the basic form of our life.
Those who think and live self-determinedly – independently – are most likely to make friends with the omnipresent community and social constraints.
Our world does not need a central government, it needs billions of governments. People who live their uniqueness and thus contribute to a strong society, a true community.

People who are able to lead primarily themselves and not others, so that we can finally achieve a living together at eye level.
Living means doing things in these places.
Based on classic start-up camps and co-working spaces, motivated founders will meet at these places and work on their business concepts. The focus is always on the free development of the founder, in harmony with their life plan, which we want to develop together.
We will install an infrastructure for founders at all locations. In order to help people to found successful companies in line with their nature, whether at a specific location or independent of location.

The family playground.

A meeting place for parents who want to give their children freedom.
To undertake life means, of course, to dedicate oneself to life itself, to the creation and care of life.
Based on the ideas of free learning and home, un- and worldschooling, families who have decided to spend their lives together with their children, but still in community, support each other at these places.

The greatest possible symbol for the love of life is – especially nowadays – the forming of a functioning and really healthy family.
The family as the smallest, but also the most important unit of familiarity and love, in a world where we are more and more pushed into anonymous, externally determined structures.
To strengthen the family means to strengthen the whole at the same time.
Our philosophy is based on the consideration that the most important thing for small children is the bond with their parents. Therefore it is important to enable and strengthen exactly this bond.
In a community setting, it is possible to accompany children in a free atmosphere. The goal is always to keep the parents and children together.
Nowadays, young families are socially urged far too quickly to give their children to outside care, contrary to parental instinct – the root of almost all problems of our current living together!
Children do not need outside care, and even less do they need the permanent, hopeless stress of peers around them. What they need is parental love and security and a completely new form of learning and growing up.
In today’s social system, however, this is usually neither feasible nor desired. Children are left alone, there are even instructions on how to cry themselves to sleep.
Soothers and baby milk as modern symbols of a failed concept of the premature separation of mother and child. The basic trust disappears. Without inner strength, children stand helpless in the world.

The result is to be seen every day, people who act hesitantly or anxiously and claim their right to live without exhausting their potential.
Our family playgrounds are therefore the meeting point for parents who have decided to take a different path. Who do not allow their children to be taken away from them and alienated.
We will consciously combine spaces for families and for entrepreneurial activity to enable families to spend as much time together as possible.
The entire Village will not only be child- and family-friendly – it will be geared towards children and families.
Our vision is to create a complete network of such free-thinking places throughout Europe. We understand that free people like to change, move freely and have new experiences. That’s why many choose the path of travel without a fixed base.
Nevertheless, even the freest people have a longing for anchoring and connection.
The network of places makes it possible to meet again in the community of like-minded people in different countries and find familiar structures.

Our first oasis, a wonderful place in Tibi/Alicante, Spain.

We are currently setting up the sites and are looking for suitable locations for these extraordinary places. The plan is to establish several locations throughout Europe, which will enable travelers and those staying on board to access a network of safe harbors or to anchor there. You are welcome to contact us now to be part of the planning stage of our project, which will serve as a blueprint for a positive change in the world.
We are also very interested in entering into partnerships with people in the individual countries to establish this international network.
We will start in Spain, in the area around Alicante.
Be there when we change the world! To unlock the full potential of this wonderful place, we will soon be offering a crowd funding campaign.

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